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1RECASTING OF 6 NOS. CONTACT CLAMP OF FERRO MANGANESE PLANT (TE/MOIL/BGT/FMP/ELECT/16-17/446 DT. 23/08/2016)23/08/201622/09/201622/09/201622/09/20164:30 PMShow
2AIR RECEIVER TANK FOR VARIOUS MINES - 9 NOS. (CAP.0.5 CU.M - 7 NOS. AND CAP.3 CU.M - 2 NOS.) (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED) (Only Through e-procurement) (WE-61 DT.22/08/2016, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/16-17/ET/79)22/08/201621/09/201621/09/201621/09/20163:30 PMShow
3M.S. Welding Electrodes - 4 Items. (Only Through e-procurement) (WE-67 DT.24/08/2016, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/16-17/ET/82)24/08/201621/09/201621/09/201621/09/20163:30 PMShow
4Equipping of 32 Fill pass winze of 3.6 Mtr dia and 168 Mtr depth with buntons, sollars and ladders at Balaghat Mine. (SDGM (MECH)/Tender-32 Fill pass-winze/2016-17/285)22/08/201620/09/201620/09/201620/09/20163:30 PMShow
5Providing, Supplying and installation of 2 x 250 KVAR, 11 KV Outdoor Type HT Capacitor Bank for 2 x 700 KW, 11 KV Compressor of Balaghat Mine. (SDGM(E)/8/ BGT/16-17/ 163 )20/08/201619/09/201619/09/201619/09/20163:30 PMShow
6KEPS FOR CAGES OF KANDRI MINE - 4 SETS. (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED) (Only Through e-procurement) (WE-58 DT.19/08/2016, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/16-17/ET/77)20/08/201619/09/201619/09/201619/09/20163:30 PMShow
7D.C MOTOR - 350 H.P, 1000 RPM - 1 NO. AND 450 H.P, 1000 RPM - 1 NO. FOR BALAGHAT MINE (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED) (Only Through e-procurement) (WE-60 DT.20/08/2016, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/16-17/ET/76)20/08/201616/09/201616/09/201616/09/20163:30 PMShow
8Reduction of Manganese Ore on Conversion basis for EMD Plant, Dongri Buzurg Mine.( MOIL/16-17/ET/75)17/08/201616/09/201616/09/201616/09/201603:30 PMShow
9Construction of classroom Kitchen room for Mid Day meal and boundary wall toilets in Govt. school village Manegaon, Anwlajhari, RNT school village Bherweli Distt Balaghat ( M.P) Under MOIL CSR (CIVIL/HO/16-17 /CSR/BGT/28 Dt 25/08/2016)24/08/201615/09/201615/09/201615/09/20163:30 PMShow
10PURCHASE OF ROTARY SCREW COMPRESSOR WITH AIR DRIER FOR I.M.B PLANT AT BALAGHAT MINE - 1 SET. (AS PER ANNEXURE - A ENCLOSED) (PUR/MOIL/C-4/112/E-32/952-M DT.22/08/2016)23/08/201614/09/201614/09/201614/09/20163:30 PMShow
11Providing and constructing slotted pipe filter gallery and infiltration work in Bawanthadi river at existing head work for water supply scheme at Dongri Buzurg Mine. ( CIVIL/HO/16-17 /DB/30 Dt- 24/06/2016 )25/08/201609/09/201609/09/201609/09/20163:30 PMShow
12Construction of Sewerage Treatment Plant at Dongri Buzurg Mines (TE-Civil/HO/DB/2016-17/2 DT.23/08/2016)25/08/201609/09/201609/09/201609/09/20163:30 PMShow
13Purchase of Sand for sand Stowing Plant at Balaghat Mine (Gr.-I/CGM(PR)/CONT/PUR-SAND/12/BGT/16-17/8)20/08/201608/09/201608/09/201608/09/20163:30 PMShow
14Construction of Exhibition Hall near Corporate Training Centre at MOIL Bhawan premises, Nagpur. (Civil /HO/16-17 /HO/34 Dated - 23/08/2016)24/08/201608/09/201608/09/201608/09/20163:30 PMShow
15e Procurement of Gate Valve, Foot Valve and Non Return Valve 10 items.(WE-53, e-tender No.MOIL/16-17/ET-65, Dt.20.07.2016)20/07/201608/09/201608/09/201608/09/201603:30 PMShow
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