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Sr. No.Tender TitleTender Issue Start DateTender Issue Last DateTender Submission Last DateTender Opening DateTender Opening TimeShow DetailsDownload Files
1e-procurement of Belt Conveyor Roller/Idler -30 Items (WE-67, e-tender No.MOIL/15-16/ET-73 Dt.23.11.2015)23/11/201507/01/201607/01/201607/01/20163:30 PMShow
2e-procurement of Conveyor Belts-3 Items(WE-65, e-tender No.MOIL/15-16/ET-72 Dt.19.11.2015 )19/11/201529/12/201529/12/201529/12/20153:30 PMShow
3HEARSE VAN - 1 NO. (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED) (Only Through e-procurement)( WE-68 DT.26/11/2015, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/15-16/ET/74)26/11/201518/12/201518/12/201518/12/20153:30 PMShow
4Consultancy Services for evaluation, advice and assistance to participate in the auction/bidding process of Ferrous/Non Ferrous Ore Mines by MOIL Limited(GM(P D)/15-16/01)24/11/201511/12/201511/12/201511/12/20153:00 PMShow
5Maintenance and up keeping of effluent treatment plant at EMD plant Dongri Buzurg Mine.(EMD/DB/ADGM/TE/2015-16/656)27/11/201508/12/201508/12/201509/12/20154:00 PMShow
6HYDRAULIC POWER SAW MACHINE - 6 NOS. FOR VARIOUS MINES (1 NO.EACH FOR BALAGHAT, UKWA, CHIKLA, KANDRI, GUMGAON AND MUNSAR MINE) (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED) (Only Through e-procurement) (WE-64 DT.07/11/2015, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/15-16/ET/71)07/11/201508/12/201508/12/201508/12/20153:30 PMShow
7Annual Repair to camp Quarters at Kandri Mine.(Civil /HO/15-16 /KAN/49 Dt- 19/11/2015)20/11/201504/12/201504/12/201504/12/20153:30 PMShow
8Rate Contract for one year for supply of Compressed Oxygen Gas and Dissolved Acetylene Gas. (PUR/MOIL/C11/115/WE-49 (MOIL/15-16/ET/70))07/11/201503/12/201503/12/201503/12/20153:30 PMShow
9SUPPLY OF BLACK METAL GITTI FOR U/G CONCRETING WORK AT BALAGHAT MINE (Gr.-I/GM(S AND E)/CONT/GITTI/15/BGT/2015-16/20)24/11/201503/12/201503/12/201503/12/20153:00 PMShow
10HEAVY DUTY PEDESTAL GRINDING MACHINE - 4 NOS. FOR VARIOUS MINES (1 NO.EACH FOR CHIKLA, BELDONGRI, DONGRI BUZURG AND UKWA MINE) (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED) (Only Through e-procurement) (WE-63 DT.31/10/2015, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/15-16/ET/69)31/10/201502/12/201502/12/201502/12/20153:30 PMShow
11Recovery of Ferro grade ore and LGHS ore by washing from West Side of A dump (U/G Top) at Tirodi Mine (GR.-II/SDGM(M)/CONT/R-DUMP/27/TRD/2015-16/31)23/11/201501/12/201501/12/201501/12/20153:00 PMShow
12Recovery of 42 -44 percent lumpy ore from contaminated ROM at Dongri Buzurg Mine. (GR.-II/SDGM(M)/CONT/CL-ROM/29/DB/2015-16/32)23/11/201501/12/201501/12/201501/12/20153:00 PMShow
13Recovery of LGHS ore and SM grade ore from Sidha Baba Mandir dump at Tirodi Mine. (GR.-II/SDGM(M)/CONT/R-DUMP/32/TRD/2015-16/30)23/11/201501/12/201501/12/201501/12/20153:00 PMShow
14TRANSFORMER - 13 NOS. FOR VARIOUS MINES (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED) (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-53 DT.16/10/2015, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/15-16/ET/66)16/10/201501/12/201501/12/201501/12/20153:30 PMShow
15Recovery of Ferro grade ore, LGHS ore and SM grade ore from South A dump at Tirodi Mine (GR.-II/SDGM(M)/CONT/R-DUMP/31/TRD/2015-16/29)23/11/201501/12/201501/12/201501/12/20153:00 PMShow
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