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Sr. No.Tender TitleTender Issue Start DateTender Issue Last DateTender Submission Last DateTender Opening DateTender Opening TimeShow DetailsDownload Files
1Lamp Fitting Complete 200 Nos. (WE-35 Dt.29/09/2014 (e-Tender No.MOIL/14-15/ET/42))29/09/201430/10/201407/11/201407/11/20143:30 PMShow
2Steel Wire Ropes (WE-52 Dt.30/09/2014 (e-Tender No.MOIL/14-15/ET/44))30/09/201430/10/201407/11/201407/11/20143:30 PMShow
3WELDING RECTIFIER - 5 NOS. AND WELDING TRANSFORMER - 4 NOS. (Only Through e-procurement) (WE-48 DT.20/09/2014, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/14-15/ET/39)20/09/201429/10/201403/11/201403/11/20143:30 PMShow
4Exploratory core drilling of NQ size (47 mm, core diameter) at Balaghat Mine (GM(Tech)/Tend/Expl/CoreDrilling/Balaghat/14-15/166)26/09/201427/10/201427/10/201427/10/20143:30 PMShow
5PROXIMITY WARNING DEVICE (SYSTEM) REQUIRED FOR DUMPERS - 6 NOS. (Only Through e-procurement) (WE-49 DT.20/09/2014, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/14-15/ET/38)20/09/201427/10/201431/10/201431/10/20143:30 PMShow
6Purchase of Undercarriage Assembly for L and T Make Hydraulic Excavator CK 300 (Open Tender No. WE-33 (MOIL/14-15/ET/41 ) )30/09/201427/10/201405/11/201405/11/20143:30 PMShow
7Sinking of circular winzes (second outlet) and allied at 70 ft level near vertical shaft at munsar mine (GM(M)-III/CONT/11/UG-DEV/MUN/2014-15/30)19/09/201420/10/201421/10/201421/10/20143:00 PMShow
8WE-36 Dt. 15/09/2014 for Steel Rails for various Mines (WE-36 Dt.15/09/2014 (e-Tender No.MOIL/14-15/ET/37))15/09/201420/10/201429/10/201429/10/20143:30 PMShow
9Recovery of LGHS ore, SM grade ore and fines from dumps at Gumgaon Mine by off the pit working (GM(M)-III/CONT/08/R-DUMP/GUM/2014-15/29)19/09/201420/10/201421/10/201421/10/20143:00 PMShow
10PURCHASE OF DUST MASK, EAR PLUG AND EAR MUFF. (PUR/MOIL/C-1/190/E-75/1406-M )29/09/201419/10/201420/10/201420/10/20143:30 PMShow
11PURCHASE OF SAFETY FLUORESCENT JACKETS. (PUR/MOIL/C-1/190/E-76/1408-M )29/09/201419/10/201420/10/201420/10/20143:30 pmShow
12Invitation of Expression of Interst for long term supply of 16 MW Power. (G M (P and D)/14-15/02)17/09/201418/10/201420/10/201420/10/20143:30 PMShow
13SELECTION OF A CONSULTANT TO ESTABLISH A WEB-BASED MODEL FOR LEGAL COMPLIANCE FRAMEWORK IN MOIL LIMITED (CS/LCF-Tender/2014-15/320) (Please See Clarifications and Corrigendum)17/09/201417/10/201417/10/201417/10/20144:30 PMShow
14STEEL SCREEN PANEL FOR VARIOUS MINES (Only Through e-procurement) (WE-51 DT.26/09/2014, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/14-15/ET/43)29/09/201417/10/201422/10/201422/10/20143:30 PMShow
15SELECTION OF A CONSULTANT TO CONDUCT RISK ASSESSMENTAND ITS MITIGATION PROCEDURES IN MOIL LIMITED (CS/RA-Tender/2014-15/319)(Please See Clarifications and Corrigendum)17/09/201417/10/201417/10/201417/10/20143:00 PMShow
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