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1e-procurement for Printing of Computer Stationery- 4 Items(WE-116 e-tender No.MOIL/16-17/ET-188, Dt.17.02.17)17/02/201728/03/201728/03/201728/03/201703:30 PMShow
2e-procurement of Tub Coupling Chain and Pin -3 Items(WE-113 e-tender No.MOIL/16-17/ET-185, Dt.14.02.17)14/02/201721/03/201721/03/201721/03/201703:30 PMShow
3ELECTRONIC TOTAL STATION WITH ACCESSORIES FOR SURVEYING of MINES WITH COMPREHENSIVE AMC - 7 SETS. (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED) (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-112 DT.20/02/2017, eTENDER NO.MOIL/16-17/ET/191)20/02/201721/03/201721/03/201721/03/201703:30 PMShow
4Jaw Plates for Sayaji Make Jaw Crushers(PUR/MOIL/C-5/30/WE- 101 (MOIL/16-17/ET/192))22/02/201717/03/201717/03/201717/03/201703:30 PMShow
5e-Procurement of Mens Shoe, Lace type, Oxford Pattern with toe for Security Guards, Make of the Shoe-Bata-Liberty-2 items(WE-110 e-tender No.MOIL/16-17/ET-178, Dt.06.02.17)06/02/201716/03/201716/03/201716/03/201703:30 PMShow
6LT APFC PANELS FOR VARIOUS MINES - 5 NOS. (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED) (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-117 DT.17/02/2017, eTENDER NO.MOIL/16-17/ET/190)17/02/201715/03/201715/03/201715/03/201703:30 PMShow
7Drilling of 02 Nos of Bore Holes for Sand stowing plant at Beldongri Mine(Civil /HO/16-17 /BEL/88 Dated 14/02/2017)15/02/201715/03/201715/03/201715/03/201703:30 PMShow
8REDUCTION GEAR BOX FOR BELT CONVEYOR APPLICATION - 1 NO. (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED) (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-115 DT.16/02/2017, eTENDER NO.MOIL/16-17/ET/187)16/02/201715/03/201715/03/201715/03/201703:30 PMShow
9Purchase of Cross Bit 57MM Dia suitable for Cable Bolting Machine(PUR/MOIL/C-5/12/WE-54 (MOIL/16-17/ET/189))17/02/201715/03/201715/03/201715/03/201703:30 PMShow
10Annual repairs and maintenance contract for domestic electrical installation of residential and non residential building of Balaghat Mine(BGT/TE/Elect/16-17/7853)17/02/201715/03/201715/03/201715/03/201704:30 PMShow
11Water Proofing Works at Beldongri Mine(MOIL/16-17/ET/181)15/02/201714/03/201714/03/201714/03/201703:30 PMShow
12Extension of Administrative Building at Chikla Mine(MOIL/16-17/ET/175)15/02/201714/03/201714/03/201714/03/201703:30 PMShow
13Operation and Maintenance work of electrical installations of establishment at Corporate Office, Nagpur comprises of MOIL Bhawan, Rest House, West Court, Hospital and other official buildings of the company for the period of one year.(SDGM(E)/86/ HO/16-17/ 305 dated 13/02/2017)14/02/201714/03/201714/03/201714/03/201703:30 PMShow
14Construction of compound wall at staff quarter at Upper camp near Hospital and at Officer Colony at Chikla Mine(MOIL/16-17/ET/176)15/02/201714/03/201714/03/201714/03/201703:30 PMShow
15Construction of storm water drain at Chikla B Section and construction of road side drain from Siding Office to Chika B at Chikla Mine(MOIL/16-17/ET/180)15/02/201714/03/201714/03/201714/03/201703:30 PMShow
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