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1Designing, construction, furnishing and equipping of a vertical shaft (high speed shaft) on TURNKEY BASIS at Gumgaon mine of MOIL Ltd., Saoner tehsil, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India (SDGMT/MOIL/GUM/HSS/TENDER/16-17/115)18/09/201616/12/201616/12/201616/12/20163:30 PMShow
2Designing, construction, furnishing and equipping of a vertical shaft (high speed shaft) on TURNKEY BASIS at Balaghat mine of MOIL Ltd., Balaghat district, Madhya Pradesh, India (SDGMT/MOIL/BGT/HSS/TENDER/16-17/114)17/09/201615/12/201615/12/201615/12/20163:30 PMShow
3e-Procurement of COTTON HAND GLOVES (WE-63 e-tender No.MOIL/16-17/ET-103, Dt.13.10.2016)13/10/201624/11/201624/11/201624/11/20163:30 PMShow
4Transportation of Sand from Bawanthadi Sand Ghat of MOIL Ltd. to Chikla Mine ( Gr-II/GM(M)/CONT/SAND/27/CH/2016-17/32 )19/10/201621/11/201621/11/201621/11/20163:00 pmShow
5Picking and collection of material from waste dump of North section at Tirodi mine (MOIL/16-17/ET/105 )19/10/201621/11/201621/11/201621/11/20163:30 pmShow
6HDPE Bags (PUR/MOIL/C-11/6/WE-83 (MOIL16-17/ET/107))20/10/201618/11/201618/11/201618/11/20163:30 PMShow
7e-procurement of FLUORESCENT JACKETS (WE-65, e-tender No.MOIL/16-17/ET-98, Dt.03.10.2016)03/10/201617/11/201617/11/201617/11/20163:30 pmShow
8Augmentation of 11 KV Overhead Line from mine substation to MSEDCL Substation at Goberwahi, construction of HT Point of supply and providing and laying of 11 KV Grade Cable at Chikla Mine. (SDGM(E)/11/ CKW/16-17/ 236 dated 20/10/2016)21/10/201616/11/201616/11/201616/11/20163:30 PMShow
9CONSTRUCTION OF PAVING BLOCK PATHWAY FOR OLD A TYPE QUARTERS AT GUMGAON MINE. (CIVIL/HO/16-17/GUM/46 Date 21.10.2016)21/10/201611/11/201611/11/201611/11/20163:30 PMShow
10Polypropylene Jumbo Bags (PUR/MOIL/C-11/150/WE-82 (MOIL/16-17/ET/104))15/10/201610/11/201610/11/201610/11/20163:30 PMShow
11Equipping of Substation near Production Shaft of Balaghat Mine, Dist. Balaghat (MP). (SDGM(E)/8/ BGT/16-17/ 223 dated 06/10/2016)06/10/201609/11/201609/11/201609/11/20163:30 pmShow
12REDUCTION GEAR BOX FOR WINDING ENGINE APPLICATION - 1 NO. FOR BALAGHAT MINE (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED) (Only Through e-procurement) (WE-84 DT.19/10/2016, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/16-17/ET/106)19/10/201609/11/201609/11/201609/11/20163:30 PMShow
13PURCHASE OF TARPAULINS AS PER IS 2089-77 FROM MSE FIRMS ONLY. (PUR/MOIL/C-1/210/E-44/1350-M Dt. 17/10/2016)17/10/201609/11/201609/11/201609/11/20163:30 PMShow
14PURCHASE OF WHITE METAL R.C.TANDEM PUR/MOIL/C-1/192/E-43/1328-M Dt.14.10.201614/10/201607/11/201607/11/201607/11/201603.30PMShow
15Modification of existing compressor house near vertical shaft for installation of Transformer and Panels at Ukwa Mine ( A andSr DyGM(M)/Civil/UM/16-17/2029 )20/10/201605/11/201605/11/201605/11/20164:30 PMShow
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