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Sr. No.Tender TitleTender Issue Start DateTender Issue Last DateTender Submission Last DateTender Opening DateTender Opening TimeShow DetailsDownload Files
1Construction of A and C Type Residential Quarters along with amenities at Balaghat Mine and Ukwa Mine( M.P)(CIVIL/HO/16-17/BGT/UK/09)02/05/201602/06/201602/06/201602/06/20163:30 PMShow
2PNEUMATIC STOPPER WITH TELESCOPIC AIR LEG FOR VARIOUS MINES - 26 NOS. (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED) (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-4 DT.28/04/2016, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/16-17/ET/6)30/04/201624/05/201624/05/201624/05/20163:30 PMShow
3CEMENT INJECTION PUMP FOR VARIOUS MINES - 9 NOS. (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED) (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-5 DT.29/04/2016, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/16-17/ET/7)29/04/201623/05/201623/05/201623/05/20163:30 PMShow
4PNEUMATIC STOPPER WITH TELESCOPIC AIR LEG FOR VARIOUS MINES - 26 NOS. (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED) (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-4 DT.28/04/2016, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/16-17/ET/6)28/04/201620/05/201620/05/201620/05/20163:30 PMShow
5Transportation of Coal FMP Balaghat Mine 1350 MT(PUR/MOIL/C-11/103/WE-100 (MOIL/16-17/ET/8))30/04/201620/05/201620/05/201620/05/20163:30 PMShow
6TROLLY MOUNTED PORTABLE DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN SCREW COMPRESSOR - 2 NOS. (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED) (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-1 DT.26/04/2016, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/16-17/ET/4)26/04/201619/05/201619/05/201619/05/201603:30 pmShow
7REFRIGERATORS WITH STABILIZER - 3 ITEMS FOR VARIOUS MINES (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED) (Only Through e-procurement)(WE-2 DT.26/04/2016, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/16-17/ET/5)27/04/201619/05/201619/05/201619/05/20163:30 PMShow
8PURCHASE OF NON-MEDICINAL MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS.(PUR/MOIL/C-10/35/E-4/180-M, Dt.02/05/2016)02/05/201618/05/201618/05/201618/05/20163:30 PMShow
9Construction of compound wall from Car Parking Shed at MOIL Bhawan premises to Children Park near CMS, MOIL, Nagpur.(Civil /HO/16-17 /HO/08 Dated 29/04/2016)02/05/201617/05/201617/05/201617/05/20163:30 PMShow
10Maintenance, Distribution, Collection of Cap Lamps at Gumgaon Mine(GM/Elect/TE/16-17/262, Dated - 23.04.2016)25/04/201611/05/201611/05/201611/05/20163:30 PMShow
11High Pressure water pump for wet screening(A-III/MUN/GUM/16-17/3702)29/04/201611/05/201611/05/201611/05/20163:30 PMShow
12Repair of Hume Pipe Culvert on approach Tar Road to St. Joseph School in Fetri Village Distt- Nagpur Under MOIL CSR.(Civil /HO/16-17 /HO/CSR/11 Dated - 29/04/2016)02/05/201611/05/201611/05/201611/05/20163:30 PMShow
13PURCHASE OF SPARES FOR ROCK DRILL RD 60 DIAMOND DRILL MACHINE(PUR/MOIL/C-5/49/E-1/12-M)13/04/201609/05/201609/05/201609/05/20163:30 PMShow
14Maintenance and operation of water supply scheme at Ukwa Mine(A and DyGM(M)/Civil/UM/16-17/247)27/04/201609/05/201609/05/201609/05/20164:30 PMShow
15Pushing of ROM and rock tubs on surface at Beldongri Mine(SDGM(M)-III/CONT/49/Tubs/BEL/16-17/04)02/05/201609/05/201609/05/201609/05/20163:30 PMShow
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