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1Removal of waste rock and handling the same by mechanized means from Magazine dump at Gumgaon Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/17)20/04/201722/05/201722/05/201722/05/201703:30 PMShow
2Removal of waste rock and magniferous rock and handling the same by mechanized means from Pit No.5 at Sitapatore Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/18)20/04/201722/05/201722/05/201722/05/201703:30 PMShow
3Picking and collection of material from dumps at Munsar Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/19)20/04/201722/05/201722/05/201722/05/201703:30 PMShow
4Strengthening and construction of RCC Side walls for Railway Siding at Balaghat Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/14)21/04/201719/05/201719/05/201719/05/201703:30 PMShow
5Construction of Drain Motor garage Black smith Shop near workshop and construction of Shed and Cycle Stand near Vertical Shaft at Ukwa Mine.(MOIL/17-18/ET/13)21/04/201719/05/201719/05/201719/05/201703:30 PMShow
6Maintenance and Operation of Water Supply Scheme Dongri Bz. Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/15)21/04/201719/05/201719/05/201719/05/201703:30 PMShow
7Construction of tar road from main PWD road to MOIL Rest house, MOIL gate no.1 to PWD road and mine and bungalow no.2 towards Jamrapani staff quarter at Tirodi Mine.(MOIL/17-18/ET/16)21/04/201719/05/201719/05/201719/05/201703:30 PMShow
8Construction of Railway Siding Platform at Chikla Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/11)21/04/201719/05/201719/05/201719/05/201703:30 PMShow
9Construction of substation building at Dongri Bz. Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/20)21/04/201719/05/201719/05/201719/05/201703:30 PMShow
10Renovation of Office of Electrical Department and Cap Lamp Room and construction of shed for storage purpose at 6 th level premises at Balaghat Mine.(Civil /HO/17-18/BGT /09 Dated 18/04/2017)20/04/201718/05/201718/05/201718/05/201703:30 PMShow
11PURCHASE OF HSD-3882 KL (AS PER ANNEXURE - A ENCLOSED).(E-3 DT.19.04.2017)19/04/201712/05/201712/05/201712/05/201703:30 PMShow
12Annual Repair to camp quarters at Chikla Mine.(Civil /HO/17-18 /CH/01 Dated 12/04/2017)13/04/201712/05/201712/05/201712/05/201703:30 PMShow
13Picking and sorting of SM grade ore from dumps at Kandri Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/10)13/04/201712/05/201712/05/201712/05/201703:30 PMShow
14Construction of vehicle maintenance pit at work shop premises at Chikla Mine.(Civil /HO/17-18 /CH/02 Dated 12/04/2017)13/04/201712/05/201712/05/201712/05/201703:30 PMShow
15Construction of Office Building and Cycle Stand at Chikla B section at Chikla Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/7)12/04/201705/05/201705/05/201705/05/201703:30 PMShow
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