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Sr. No.Tender TitleTender Issue Start DateTender Issue Last DateTender Submission Last DateTender Opening DateTender Opening TimeShow DetailsDownload Files
1Work of sinking of vertical shaft Erection of Headgear Design, supply, Erection and Commissioning of a 300 HP ( Min) Winder and allied works at Munsar Mine (EDT/MUN/2nd-SHAFT/T.E./15-16/04 dt. 01/04/2015)06/04/201526/05/201527/05/201527/05/20153:30 PMShow
2Underground development at minus 100 ft level, minus 200 ft level and minus 300 ft level at Gumgaon Mine (SDGM(M)-II/CONT/60/UG-DEV/GUM/2015-16/05)20/04/201520/05/201521/05/201521/05/20153:00 PMShow
3Picking and collection of material from contaminated low grade ROM at Western side of Fagni Dump at Dongri Buzurg Mine (GR.II/SDGM(M)/CONT/CL-ROM/45/DB/2015-16/5)20/04/201520/05/201521/05/201521/05/20153:00 PMShow
4Picking and collection of SM grade ore from contaminated ROM at Old Satuk section of Beldongri Mine ( SDGM(M)-III/CONT/61/C-ROM/OLD SATUK/BEL/2015-16/06 )20/04/201520/05/201521/05/201521/05/20153:00 PMShow
5Deepening of Vertical shaft Kandri Mine from -350 L to -550 L (57 Mtrs.) and allied works at Kandri Mine. (EDT/KAN/VS-Dpng./T.E/15-16/14 Dt-08-04-2015)10/04/201520/05/201521/05/201521/05/20153:30 PMShow
6Underground development at minus 30 ft level, minus 130 ft level and minus 230 ft level at Munsar Mine (SDGM(M)-III/CONT/34/UG-DEV/MUN/2015-16/04)20/04/201520/05/201521/05/201521/05/20153:00 PMShow
7Stability Test of HEMMS at Dongri Buzurg and Tirodi Mines. (SDGM(MECH)/SST/HEMMS/15-16/24)16/04/201513/05/201514/05/201514/05/20153:30 PMShow
8Annual operation and maintenance of HEMM at Dongri Buzurg Mine (MOIL/15-16/ET/2)24/03/201509/05/201511/05/201511/05/20153:30 PMShow
9SCHOOL BUS - 2 NOS. (52 SEATER - 1 NO. AND 34 SEATER - 1 NO.) (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED). (WE-79 DT.06/04/2015, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/15-16/ET/6)06/04/201508/05/201513/05/201513/05/20153:30 PMShow
10HEARSE VAN - 1 NO. (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED). (WE-80 DT.20/03/2015, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/15-16/ET/1)21/03/201507/05/201512/05/201512/05/20153:30 PMShow
11Transportation of sand by mechanical means from Kalaphata Ghat to Kandri and Beldongri Mines (GM(M)-III/CONT/68/TRANS-SAND/KAN/BEL/2015-16/01)07/04/201506/05/201507/05/201507/05/20153:00 PMShow
12Picking and collection of material from contaminated low grade ROM at Western side of Quarry at Dongri Buzurg Mine (GR.II/SDGM(M)/CONT/CL-ROM/44/DB/2015-16/3)07/04/201506/05/201507/05/201507/05/20153:00 PMShow
13Construction of cross drain and retaining wall near new D.G. Set Foundation site at 5 Level, Balaghat Mine. (Civil/HO/15-16/BGT/ 02 Dt- 21/04/2015)22/04/201506/05/201507/05/201507/05/20153:30 PMShow
14PNEUMATIC ROCK DRILL MACHINES -59 NOS. AND PUSHER LEGS -59 NOS. (AS PER ANNEXURE - C ENCLOSED). (WE-81 DT.24/03/2015, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/15-16/ET/4)24/03/201501/05/201506/05/201506/05/20153:30 PMShow
15Underground drain concreting at Munsar Mine (SDGM(M)-III/CONT/71/U/G/MUN/2015-16/07)22/04/201528/04/201529/04/201529/04/20153:00 PMShow
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