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Sr. No.Tender TitleTender Issue Start DateTender Issue Last DateTender Submission Last DateTender Opening DateTender Opening TimeShow DetailsDownload Files
1CCTV SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM FOR DONGRI BUZURG MINE - 1 SET. (Only Through e-procurement) (WE-53 DT.14.10.2014, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/14-15/ET/51)14/10/201420/11/201425/11/201425/11/20143:30 PMShow
2Purchase of Undercarriage Assembly for L and T Make Hydraulic Excavator CK 300 (Open Tender No. WE-33 (MOIL/14-15/ET/41 ) )30/09/201413/11/201418/11/201418/11/20143:30 PMShow
3HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR (BACKHOE) WITH HEAVY DUTY ROCK BUCKET, CAPACITY MINIMUM 0.85 m3 - 2 NOS. (1 NO. EACH FOR DONGRI BUZURG AND BALAGHAT MINE) (Only Through e-procurement) (WE-40 DT.09/10/2014, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/14-15/ET/49)09/10/201413/11/201418/11/201418/11/20143:30 PMShow
4MODULAR INTEGRATED DATA CENTER/SERVER RACKS - 1 SET. (Only Through e-procurement) (WE-44 DT.10.10.2014, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/14-15/ET/50)14/10/201412/11/201418/11/201418/11/20143:30 pmShow
5WEBSITE TENDER ENQUIRY IN SINGLE BID SYSTEM FOR PURCHASE OF 12 VOLTS BATTERIES FOR 1 KVA UPS. (PUR/MOIL/C-13/19/E-82/1575-MDt. 21/10/2014)22/10/201411/11/201412/11/201412/11/20143:30 PMShow
6U/G DEVELOPMENT AT 11TH L NORTH SECTION AT BALAGHAT MINE (Gr.-I/GM(S and E)/CONT/UG-DEV/19/BGT/14-15/26)14/10/201411/11/201411/11/201411/11/20143:00 PMShow
7U/G DEVELOPMENT AT 12TH L (SOUTH SECTION) AT BALAGHAT MINE (Gr.-I/GM(S and E)/CONT/UG-DEV/24/BGT/14-15/27)14/10/201411/11/201411/11/201411/11/20143:00 PMShow
8U/G DEVELOPMENT AT 12TH L (NORTH SECTION) AT BALAGHAT MINE (Gr.-I/GM(S and E)/CONT/UG-DEV/18/BGT/14-15/25)14/10/201411/11/201411/11/201411/11/20143:00 PMShow
9Const. of Tar Road at Gumgaon Mine. (CIVIL/HO/14-15 /GUM /47)13/10/201410/11/201412/11/201412/11/20143:30 PMShow
10STEAM COAL - 650 MT. (Only Through e-procurement) (WE-30 DT.08.10.2014, e-TENDER NO.MOIL/14-15/ET/47)08/10/201410/11/201414/11/201414/11/20143:30 PMShow
11Construction of boundary wall around mine lease boundary at Kandri Mine (CIVIL/HO/14-15 /KAN/46)13/10/201410/11/201412/11/201412/11/20143:30 pmShow
12Removal of waste rock and Magn. rock and handl. the same by mech. means at plus 50L open cast section of Kandri Mine (GM(M)-III/CONT/27/OCD/KAN/2014-15/35)10/10/201410/11/201411/11/201411/11/20143:00 PMShow
13WEBSITE TENDER ENQUIRY FOR PURCHASE OF SINGLE CORE 500 SQ. MM BARE FLEXIBLE STRANDED COPPER CONDUCTOR WIRE ROPE (PUR/MOIL/C-3/33/E-19/749-M Dt. 14/10/2014)14/10/201409/11/201410/11/201410/11/20143:30 pmShow
14WE-36 Dt. 15/09/2014 for Steel Rails for various Mines (WE-36 Dt.15/09/2014 (e-Tender No.MOIL/14-15/ET/37))15/09/201407/11/201414/11/201414/11/20143:30 PMShow
15Structure Stability Test for EMD Plant structure at Dongri BUzurg Mine. (SDGM(Mech)/TST/14-15/468)16/10/201407/11/201411/11/201411/11/20143:30 PMShow
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