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Sr. No.Tender TitleTender Issue Start DateTender Issue Last DateTender Submission Last DateTender Opening DateTender Opening TimeShow DetailsDownload Files
1Cleaning of underground ROM sorting at Beldongri Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/2)22/03/201725/04/201725/04/201725/04/201703:30 PMShow
2Underground development of ore drive at 13.50 feet level at Balaghat Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/1)22/03/201725/04/201725/04/201725/04/201703:30 PMShow
3Picking and collection of material from North dump at Tirodi Mine(MOIL/17-18/ET/3)22/03/201725/04/201725/04/201725/04/201703:30 PMShow
4Annual Repairs to Camp Quarters at Dongri Bz. Mine.(CIVIL/HO/16-17/DB/ 90 Dt- 20/03/2017)21/03/201720/04/201720/04/201720/04/201703:30 PMShow
5Sinking of 2nd. Outlet- Ventilation shaft from surface to -150L (2nd. Level) at Kandri Mine(SDGMT/KAN/V-ShaftII-Outlet/Tender/16-17/303/ET-196)14/03/201719/04/201719/04/201719/04/201703:30 PMShow
6purchase of Flexible Trailing Copper Conductor Cable 1200 Mtrs. (WE-122 (e-tender no. MOIL/17-18/ET/4))23/03/201719/04/201719/04/201719/04/20173:30 PMShow
7Refurbishing and deepening of 2nd outlet and modification of sinking winder at Balaghat mine.(SDGMT/BGT/II-Outlet/Tender/16-17/302/ET-195)14/03/201718/04/201718/04/201718/04/201703:30 PMShow
8Providing Furniture and Interior For Director staff on 3rd Floor of MOIL BHAWAN, Katol Road, Nagpur(MOIL/16-17/ET/200)21/03/201717/04/201717/04/201717/04/201703:30 PMShow
9Construction of Retaining wall, drain and providing and fixing precast RCC covers over drain at new 64 nos. A-Type quarters at Chikla Mine.(MOIL/16-17/ET/201)21/03/201717/04/201717/04/201717/04/201703:30 PMShow
10for Construction of compound wall for guest house at TirodiMine(MOIL/16-17/ET/202)21/03/201717/04/201717/04/201717/04/201703:30 PMShow
11Purchase of Drilling Accessories for CTH14 Single Boom Drilling machines(PUR/MOIL/C-5/23/WE-109 (MOIL/16-17/ET/205))20/03/201714/04/201714/04/201714/04/201703:30 PMShow
12Installation of LED Lights in place of Metal Halide Lamps at Badminton Court, West Court, MOIL Ltd. Nagpur(SDGM(E)/86/ HO/16-17/ 346)24/03/201712/04/201712/04/201712/04/201703:30 PMShow
13Construction of Residential Quarter at Chikla Mine of MOIL (AType 100 units 8 Nos Type B quarters, 4 Nos Type C quarters and 1 No Type D quarter ) including Internal and External Electrification Infrastructure amenities.(MOIL/16-17/ET/182)14/03/201710/04/201710/04/201710/04/201703:30 PMShow
14Water Proofing to RCC Slabs Quarters/Repairs to roof of Labor and staff and executive quarter Ukwa ,Gudma and Prem Nagar camp at Ukwa Mine.(A and Sr DGM(M)/Civil/UM/16-17/3536)22/03/201708/04/201708/04/201708/04/201704:30 PMShow
15Retiling and Providing and laying Polythene sheet and GI sheet for repairs of roofs work of camp Qtr at UkwaMine(A and Sr DGM(M)/Civil/UM/16-17/3533)22/03/201708/04/201708/04/201708/04/201704:30 PMShow
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