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Important Instructions to Vendor/Contractors.

1. Whenever MOIL LTD publishes E-NIT (e-Notice Inviting Tender) (e-procurement), the interested vendor(s) to ensure Registration with the Service Provider[name of Service Provider mentioned in tender document uploaded in our website and website of CPP Portal (Central Public Procurement Portal ).

2. Whenever MOIL LTD publishes Tender Enquiry (other than e-Procurement) in our website and website of CPP Portal (Central Public Procurement Portal) and the interested vendor(s) is/are meeting technical and commercial requirements mentioned in tender document, they can participate and submit their tender in accordance with the terms and conditions of tender document. For such participation in tender, Vendor Registration is not required presently.

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Sr. No.Tender TitleTender Issue Start DateTender Issue Last DateTender Submission Last DateTender Opening DateTender Opening TimeShow DetailsDownload Files
1Cleaning of surplus underground ROM at Beldongri Mine (GM(M)-III/CONT/03/CL-UG-ROM/BEL/2014-15/22)24/07/201425/08/201426/08/201426/08/20143:00 PMShow
2Breaking of Slag and other associated works at FMP, Balaghat Mine as per tender documents and as per scope of work. (Dy. G M (Mech)/FMP/2014-15/01)28/07/201420/08/201421/08/201421/08/20143:30 PMShow
3Removal of waste rock and Manganiferrous rock and handling the same by mechanzied means at New Satuk section of Beldongri Mine. (GM(M)-III/CONT/OCD/45/BEL/2014-15/19)18/07/201418/08/201419/08/201419/08/20143:00 PMShow
5Construction of Car Garage ( 2 Block of 4 Nos) in officers colony at Kandri Mine. (CIVIL/HO/14-15/KAN/31 Dt- 31/07/2014)31/07/201413/08/201414/08/201414/08/20143:30 PMShow
6RECOVERY OF SM GRADE BGL-462 25 PER CENT MN. CONTENT ORE FROM THE DUMP AT BALAGHAT MINE (Gr.-I/GM(S and E)/CONT/R-DUMP/15/BGT/2014-15/17)14/07/201413/08/201413/08/201413/08/20143:00 PMShow
7EMPLOYEES MOTIVATION SURVEY FOR MOIL LIMITED ( MOIL/HR/MoU/EMS/2014-15/01 )24/07/201413/08/201413/08/201413/08/20144:00 PMShow
8e-procurement of Tramline Accessories -8 items (WE-26 Dt.11/07/14 e -Tender No. MOIL/14-15/ET-29)11/07/201412/08/201419/08/201419/08/20143:30 pmShow
9PURCHASE OF PVC HELIFLEX SUCTION HOSE PIPE, GREEN COLOUR 20 MM. (PUR/MOIL/C-1/200/E-48/943-M )21/07/201412/08/201413/08/201413/08/20143:30 PMShow
10Const. of Tar Road Retarring to approach Road industrial and Township at Balaghat Mine (CIVIL/HO/14-15/BGT/23 DT-10/07/2014)11/07/201412/08/201419/08/201419/08/20143:30 pmShow
11Removal of waste rock and Magniferrous rock and handling the same by mechanized means at Old Satuk section of Beldongri Mine (GM(M)-III/CONT/01/OCD/OLD-SATUK/BEL/2014-15/17)14/07/201411/08/201412/08/201412/08/20143:00 PMShow
12Maintenance of garden at MOIL training center at Munsar Mine. (Mun/C/HO/Agent/14-15)31/07/201408/08/201408/08/201408/08/20144:30 PMShow
13Underground concreting work at minus 250L and minus 350L at Kandri Mine (GM(M)-III/CONT/15/UG-Concret/KAN/2014-15/15)10/07/201407/08/201408/08/201408/08/20143:00 PMShow
14PURCHASE OF RIBBED, TRANSPARENT P.V.C. FLEXIBLE PIPE - 12 MM (HARD QUALITY). (PUR/MOIL/C-1/200/E-47/917-M )17/07/201407/08/201408/08/201408/08/20143:30 pmShow
15e-procurement of Conveyor Belts -6 items (WE-22 Dt.08/07/14 e -Tender No. MOIL/14-15/ET-28)08/07/201407/08/201414/08/201414/08/20143:30 PMShow
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